The Way of Giving
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The Book of Hebrews Series Prophecy Series

Prophecy 1
Prophecy 2
prophecy 3
Prophecy 4
Prophecy 5
Prophecy 6
Prophecy 7
Prophecy 8
Prophecy 9
Prophecy 10
Prophecy 11
Prophecy 12
Prophecy 13
Prophecy 14
Prophecy 15
Prophecy 16

True Church Series Set One

True Church 1
True Church 2
True Church 3
True Church 4
True Church 5
True Church 6
True Church 7
True Church 8

Christ's Mission and Message, No Immortal Soul
What the True Church Will Be Like
Born Again
The Purpose Being Worked Out Here Below
Sermon on the Mount Series Set Two

Sermon on the Mount, Part 1
Sermon on the Mount, Part 2
Sermon on the Mount, Part 3
Sermon on the Mount, Part 4
Sermon on the Mount, Part 5
Sermon on the Mount, Part 6

Ten Commandments
Spirit of the Law
The Narrow Way
Law and Grace
Law and Grace, continued
True Church Does God's Will
God's Plan and Why Men Suffer Now
God's Authority
Daniel 11
Christ's Authority Over Disease
The Bible's and Christ's Authority
Essential Knowledge Known Only By Revelation
Law and Justification
USA and Britain in Prophecy
Sign of Jonah and Christ's Messiahship
Jonah's Sign
How to Search for Truth
Many Deceivers Preach in Christ's Name
The Parable of the Sower
Set Three Set Four
Why Christ Used Parables
The Kingdom of God
Pagan Traditions and Christ's Parables
The Parable of the Tares
Christ's Parables
Christ's Parables, continued
Why Wars and Suffering
Healing and Christ's Garment
Healing and the Anointed Cloth
Healing and Your Faith
God's Message Always Rejected by Man
Christ's Message Rejected
How to Live by God's Law
Requirements for God's Kingdom
Man Rejects God's Way
The 5000 Wanted More Physical Food
Christ's Flesh
Some Offended by Christ's Message
The Religion of Judaism
Mr Armstrong's Genealogy
Christ's True Gospel
God's Time Table
Christianity Mostly Pagan
Christ's Mission and Message
Resurrection or Heaven
Christ's Mission and Message, continued
Hades and Gehenna Explained
Matthew 18 15, Prayer
Matthew 18 21, Forgiveness & Repentance
The Ten Tribes of Israel
John 8 1-16
John 8, Hebrews 1 6, Isaiah 8
The Majority Don't Know Christ's Message
What Did Christ Teach
John 8
What is True Spirituality
Repentance, John 9 8
John 9 & 10, Healing
John 10, Ministers Condemned, Healing
Feast of Tabernacles Series What is the True Church like Series
The Feast of Tabernacles, Part 1
The Feast of Tabernacles, Part 2
The Feast of Tabernacles, Part 3
What is the True Church Like, Part 1
What is the True Church Like,Part 2
What is the True Church Like, Part 3
What is the True Church Like, Part 4
Born Again Series Easter vs Passover Series
Born Again 1
Born Again 2
Born Again Christians
Born Again,The Kingdom Seen
Born Again, not yet
Easter Traditions 1
Easter Traditions 2
Easter, Good Friday, Lent
Easter Is Pagan
The Passover Versus Easter
Christmas Series Salvation Series
The Resurrection Was Not On Sunday
Christmas 1
Christmas 2
The Origin Of Christmas
Salvation 1
Salvation 2
Salvation 3
Salvation 4
Salvation 5
Salvation 6
Salvation 7
Salvation From Sin
Set Five The Gospel Jesus Preached Series
The Seventh Day
Which Day Is The Christian Sabbath
Christ's Gospel Not Proclaimed
Christ's Message
The Gospel Jesus Taught
The Gospel Of Christ
The Gospel of Jesus Christ
Gospel of Christ
Gospel Of Government
False Gospels
The Gospel, The Bible and its Authority
The Gospel Restored
The Gospel Must Be Preached
The Kingdom Of God And The Gospel
The Gospel Jesus Preached 1
The Gospel Jesus Preached 2
The Gospel Jesus Preached 3
The Gospel Jesus Preached 4
The True Gospel Series What Happened to the True Church Series
The True Gospel 1
The True Gospel 2
The True Gospel 3
The True Gospel 4
The True Gospel 5
The True Gospel 6
What Happened To The True Church 1
What Happened To The True Church 2
What Happened To The True Church 3
What Happened To The True Church 4
Set Six Church History Series
Whee Is The True Church
Seven Churches Of God
The One True Church
The True church, Revelation 2-3
One True Church
Early Church Doctrine
Work of the Church
Church History 1
Church History 2
Church History 3
Why Were You Born Series Set Seven
Why Were You Born 1
Why Were You Born 2
Why Were You Born 3
Why Were You Born 4
Why Were You Born 5
Why Were Your Born 6
Why Were You Born 7
Why Were You Born 8
Why Were You Born 9
Proof Of A True Prophet
Purpose Of Prophecy
Sure Prophecies
The End Of The World
Near To The End
The End Of Man's Age
The End of This World
The Order Of End Time Events
The Day Of The Lord
World Government
God's Promises To Abraham
The Book Of Revelation Opened
Revelation Unveiled At Last
Jesus The Revelator
Daniel 7 And Revelation 13
The Middle East In Prophecy
Understanding Bible Prophecy Series Prophecy for Today Series
Understanding Bible Prophecy, Part 1
Understanding Bible Prophecy, Part 2
Prophecies For Today 1
Prophecies For Today 2
Outline of Prophecy Series End Time Prophecies Series
Outline Of Prophecy 1
Outline Of Prophecy 2
Outline Of Prophecy 3
Outline Of Prophecy 4
End Time Prophecies 1
End Time Prophecies 2
End Time Prophecies 3
End Time Prophecies 4
End Time Prophecies 5
End Time Prophecies 6
End Time Prophecies 7
End Time Prophecies 8
End Time Prophecies 9
End Time Prophecies 10
The Great Tribulation Series The Lost 10 Tribes Series
The Great Tribulation 1
The Great Tribulation 2
The Lost 10 Tribes 1
The Lost 10 Tribes 2
The US in Prophecy Series Russia in Prophecy Series
The US In Prophecy 1
The US In Prophecy 2
The US In Prophecy 3
The US In Prophecy 4
The US In Prophecy 5
The US In Prophecy 6
The US In Prophecy 7
The US In Prophecy 8
The US In Prophecy 9
The US In Prophecy 10
The US In Prophecy 11
The US In Prophecy 12
The US In Prophecy 13
The US In Prophecy 14
Russia In Prophecy 1
Russia In Prophecy 2
Russia In Prophecy 3
Russia In Prophecy 4
Russia In Prophecy 5
Russia In Prophecy 6
Revelation Series Jeremiah Series
Revelation 1
Revelation 2
Revelation 3
Revelation 4
Jeremiah 01
Jeremiah 02
Jeremiah 03
Jeremiah 04
Set Eight Why Religious Confusion Series
Don't Just Believe Me
Why We Believe What We Believe
Who Is God
God's Religion
Not t Easy Being Christian
Is Religion Practical
A Form Of Godliness
Idols, Pride, Conversion
Why Religious Confusion 1
Why Religious Confusion 2
Why Religious Confusion 3
The Two Trees Series Two Ways of Life Series
The Two Trees 1
The Two Trees 2
Two Ways Of Life 1
Two Ways Of Life 2
Set Nine Warning to the Ministers
The Missing Dimension
Different Worlds
Six Facets of Civilization
The Days of Noah
Woe to The Sadducees And Pharisees
Warning To Ministers 1
Warning To Ministers 2
Warning To Ministers 3
Set Ten What is Life Series
Warning To The Nations
True Conversion, Real Danger
Is The Bible Superstition
Sound Doctrine
The Bible- A Coded Book
Man Is A Living Soul
No Immortal Soul
The Spirit In Man
Human Mind And God's Spirit
Human Nature
What Is Life 1
What Is Life 2
Set Eleven Life After Death Series
The Resurrection Or Heaven
The Next Life
We Can Become God
Man Can Become God
God's Law
The Spiritual Law Of God
Grace And License
Why Suffering
The Law Before Moses
Choose Life
Understanding And Choice
Vanity And Self Esteem
The True Church Does God's Will
The Sabbath Law And Tradition
Where Will You go When You Die
Is There Life After Death, Part 2
The Purpose of Life Series Law and Grace Series
The Purpose Of Life 1
The Purpose Of Life 2
Law And Grace 1
Law And Grace 2
Blessings and Cursings Series The Two Covenants Series
Blessings And Cursings 1
Blessings And Cursings 2
The Two Covenants 1
The Two Covenants 2
What is Jesus Doing Today Series Set Twelve
What Is Jesus Doing Today 1
What Is Jesus Doing Today 2
What Is Jesus Doing Today 3
The Present Ministry of Christ
The Office of Christ
Christ's Present Office
What Did Christ Teach
Jesus' Teachings Turned Upside Down
Christ Brought Division
Christ is The Head Of The Church
The Office And Church of Christ Now
We Are Saved By Jesus' Life
The Rules of Success Series Set Thirteen
The Rules of Success 1
The Rules of Success 2
The Rules of Success 4
The Rules of Success 5
The Rules of Success 6
The Rules of Success 7
Why Can't We Solve Our Troubles
Why Does God Allow Suffering
World Violence
Mankind Can Destroy Itself
The New Roman Empire
Why Noah's Flood
Who Will rule Space
The Arms Race
Why Troubles
Nuclear Terrorism
World Survival
Why National Punishment
Jeremiah's Warning
The Way of Escape - Watchman
The Way Out Of Your Troubles
World Peace Is Coming
We Will Have World Peace
World Government Series Set Fourteen
World Government 1
World Government 2
World Government 3
World Government 4
On the Eve Of The World Tomorrow
Why Worry About The Future
Is Utopia Impossible
What is The Kingdom
What Is The New Covenant
Judah In Prophecy
4ews Exist, but where Than is Israel
The New Covenant Is With Israel
Did God Create A Devil
Satan In Todays News
Satan's Fall
Satan's One World Government
Angels Series Melchizedek Series
Angels 1
Angels 2
Angels 3
Angels 4
Angels 5
Melchizedek 1
Melchizedek 2
Melchizedek 3
Melchizedek 4
Melchizedek 5
Melchizedek 6
Child Rearing Series Secrets of Faith Series
Child Rearing 1
Child Rearing 2
Child Rearing 3
Secrets of Faith 1
Secrets of Faith 2
Set Fifteen Answered Prayer Series
Faith For Salvation
Can Man Heal
By His Stripes We Are Healed
The 2nd Exodus
The Great Pyramid
The Holy Spirit
Falling Away
Martyrs And Persecutions
Hwa From 1941
End Time Prophecies - 1940s
Abolishing God's Law - Early 1950s
40th Anniversary Broadcast 1974
HWA Interviewed By Art Gilmore
Answered Prayer 1
Answered Prayer 2




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